The Trouble with Filly Tucker

Genre: Fiction Good magic Juvenile ages 6 – 12


Witchlin, Filly Tucker has a problem. In order to earn her wand, she must master all basic magic spells before her tenth birthday. Filly struggles to get even the simplest spell right.

Filly lives in a cozy cottage with Grandma Copperbottom—she is the famous witch extraordinaire—and her old, ornery black magic cat, Tabasco,

One afternoon, as Filly arrives home from rolling down grassy hills with her friends, she discovers a large cardboard box outside her front door. Unbeknown to Filly, this box is waiting to transport her to the home of the terrible Twissle twins; known for their unruly, madcap lifestyle and obnoxious spells. Filly quickly learns how the Twissle twins rely on their horrid personalities and crazy magic tricks to amuse themselves.

They soon have Filly stuck to a broom-stick whizzing uncontrollably around the room while they create green meatballs to throw at her, hoping to knock her to the ground. Soon they add a dozen Canada geese who appear from nowhere and soar around the chandelier in pursuit. As if there is not enough chaos happening, a large ginger cat, wearing a huge hat and silver spurs, enters; he thinks he’s a cowboy as he rides around the room on the back of a flying Collie dog.  Filly clings, terrified to the speeding broomstick, and tries to avoid the crazy cowboy cat, the Collie dog, the Geese and flying green meatballs. Too late, she realizes she should have paid more attention to learning her spells.

If Filly is going to survive a weekend full of the Twissle twins magic she knows she must quickly master her spells. Only time will tell if Filly Tucker will manage to save the cowboy cat and collie dog, get home, or earn her wand.