The Adventures of Kippy Schofield and the Fantastical Cat

Genre: Animal adventure Juvenile ages 6 – 12


Kippy Schofield was almost ten years old. He had large ears that stuck out, freckles, buckteeth, thin brown hair and a skinny body. Kippy was an ordinary boy who enjoyed an amazing life; he lived in a large rambling house on the beautiful island of Hawaii. Each day was shared with his friends, big brother Scotty and his parents. Kippy’s loved swimming with the turtles in the crystal clear lagoon at the bottom of his garden and on occasions attending school.

One day a letter arrived. Everyone shared the excitement when Scotty was accepted into Oxford. However, soon changes happened. The house in Hawaii was closed and Alba, Kippy’s beloved housekeeper left behind.  Kippy travelled on an aeroplane to the bustling city of Honolulu before sleeping through the flight to London.

Following the death of his dad, his mom soon departed to travel around Europe. It was one of Kippy’s worse days when Scotty left for Oxford University and Nanny B. Meane blew into his life. Kippy quickly learned how much truth there was in a name. Kippy’s world went from sunshine to darkness the moment the nasty, fat, duplicable Nanny entered the sad house.  She never bathed, never cooked and never took her eyes off TV unless tormenting Kippy.

It was Scotty’s magic rock at the bottom of the garden that taught him many exciting lessons. The first time he sat on the magic rock, he glimpsed the Fantastical Cat. She showed Kippy another world. In her world Kippy was schooled with the hedgehogs, danced with the moles and accepted into the exclusive under ground ‘boys club’. It was also where he met Fergus Barnes, and from that moment on, Kippy knew he was learning some of the very best lessons life could give him. Not the ones he would learn at school but real valuable life lessons and the way the Fantastical Cat taught him was exciting! Now he had two wonderful things in his life, the whimsical Fantastical Cat at the end of the garden and Fergus Barnes his new best friend. Finally, Kippy really did believe in magic!