The Apple

Genre: Fiction Novella Family Saga 56 pages 18,625 words


The Apple follows the life and times of Hero Gustolette, her failed engagement to Chunky and his unfair and disgraced dismissal. The precise business of apple growing and the race to retain the coveted position at the top of the marketplace, is a cut throat one and many fortunes and lives have changed when apples are involved. When an Australian manager is employed to take over Chunky’s work load, tension erupts and somehow mango farming in Bowen, Australia becomes the centre of a heated discussion – between Bertie Gustolette and his new man, suddenly it really is mangoes verses apples.  Gustolette Apples is to the small town their bread and butter as Cruzin Trees is the mainstay of the town where Milo Cruzin lives. When Milo meets Hero two lives are finally set to become one, but things change when the prize apple is mentioned and again Hero’sr engagement is called off. Many circumstances change over the course of the years until finally Milo and Hero manage to get back together and live happily ever after. The characters in this story are strong and memorable as is the look we take into the life of its main character Hero Gustolette of Gustolette apples. Who would have known that eating just one apple could change the course of so many lives!