The Grasshopper File

Genre: Fiction Murder Mystery 120,000 words


Alberta and Hugo Grasshopper outwardly appear like many other upper class successful couples in their late forties. Sophisticated and refined with a love of the good life and the finances to pursue it. However, as in life, they are not what they appear. Alberta is a master of disguise and an electronic genius. She, alone, is the mastermind behind their unlawful and dangerous career. Once disguised, Hugo easily portrays himself as a mild mannered accountant, while he is actually the front man for their life as high powered embezzlers.

The Grasshopper File, takes you on a fast paced journey as you follow the creative antics of Hugo and Alberta into the unsuspecting companies where Hugo deceives his colleges’ and the people they encounter along the way. For the Grasshopper’s, age and experience brings arrogance, the arrogance in believing they are the best. While the law is ever present, getting caught is not an option. Murder is something the Grasshoppers do not adhere to. But, it is murder that brings the law to their door and it is their beloved daughter Neve, who brings it into their home.

The Grasshopper File takes you on a journey of adventure, suspense and intrigue. From the upper class streets of New York City to the idyllic charm of Savannah and onto the perilous drug dens of Columbia, until the dramatic and unexpected ending catches you by surprise.