Wild Dog Canyon

Genre: Fiction Suspense Thriller 85,532 words


In the eerie silence they wait.  Never still the silence, creeps. It is a silence you don’t understand and at first, you are not aware it has engulfed you, until; it curls into your sub-conscience and quietly waits to be recognized. In the stillness you feel nervous, aware perhaps, that somewhere deep in your mind, something is not as it should be. But, you are unsure just what you feel – or why you feel it.  The eerie moving stillness, speaks in a thousand unheard voices that you cannot quiet hear and do not understand. Silence talks while it wraps itself around you and waits, clinging like a tightly coiled serpent. Hurriedly you search for understanding.

Gradually, as the moments pass you feel you are not alone, so, you scan your surroundings again but again you see nothing, no movement, no sound, nothing. You hear your heartbeat, solid and loud, thumping in your chest. Each breath sounds noisy, ragged, and shallower than the last. As tension ripples through you your nerves tingle and still, you are alone, waiting in the silence.

The noise of silence is unnatural; the stillness has you in its firm and frightening grip. You no longer hide your fear it’s glossy eyes pierce the darkness, the eyes of your own fear look back at you. You tremble. It squeezes you tighter than a lover, its grip strangles and your rages curses through your veins like an angry tidal poison. Your heartbeats ever louder, thumping in your chest, like a jackhammer wanting to destroy, you know everything around you must surely hear it; but searching your surroundings you know you are still completely alone.

At first, you think you hear creeping, so soft is the sound it’s barely there. Perhaps, just your imagination. Then the glowing red eyes penetrate the darkness, they move with sleuth and cunning, you see just two eyes, quietly moving forward. You cannot move your terror is so real. Then as you watch, raking the blackness, you see how easily two eyes become ten, then a hundred, glowing while silently they surround you moving quietly toward you. There is no sound, no life, just the eyes, the eyes of the wild dogs and if you listen closely the barely audibly, growl, the death growl, of the starving.