How to buy a Husband

Genre: Adult fiction. Chick flick. 82,000 words


‘How to buy a Husband’ takes you into the world of the mega rich. Three very different woman Lyme Harrington-Lynch the daughter of the richest oil baron of them all. Naive, alone, and aware her biological clock is ticking. Her father wants an heir and it is her job to provide one. He has set a time limit and that time is now. Lyme has seldom had a boyfriend, she is not a beauty nor is she interested in becoming one. However, she needs to get married and produce an heir otherwise her father will get a husband for her, in his world money talks and he always gets what he wants.

A chance meeting with a stranger on a plane finally sends Lyme’s heart, fluttering. Without even speaking to him Lyme knows this is the man she will marry. Her desire knows no bounds, her ears hear no words and her heart knows no limits as she moves forward with her quest. However, the road to true love is never smooth especially when the groom to be, doesn’t like her and is already married.

Brooke is Lyme best friend, she comes from an eccentric and reasonably well of family. Brooke is very different from Lyme, tall and willowy with long dark hair, she likes the bad boys and has a discarded string of bad relationships to prove it. Her preference extends to drug addicts and dropouts. Once Brooke gets bored she is glad to be rid of them, but sometimes they just won’t go away and sometimes they get mean.

And sometimes, unbeknown to her, they are serial killers’ intent on revenue, and not to be dumped. Brook has never been in love she is in love with doing things she is not supposed to do and being with men that are too hot to handle. Until one day when her latest lover attacks her in her new home she calls the police and finds in the police officer a caring kindred spirit with an eccentric family of his own…. So, this is love?

Pan, as her friends call her, is mega rich and wouldn’t want it any other way. She is pampered, spoiled, adored and beautiful. She has been married several times, each marriage leaves her richer than the last. Pan’s life is run by her fortune teller ‘Madam Roderick’ who visited Pan at her mansion most mornings and predicts what the day holds, what functions she should attend and which ones she must avoid. She advises her what to wear and who to meet. Madam Roderic not only sees the future for Pan but also Lyme and Brooke, however, when she tells Pan the dangers ahead for her two friends, Pan becomes annoyed and tells the old woman to focus only on her. Pan may appear ditzy but under her long blond hair and behind her sparkling blue eyes lies a shrewd mind and savvy business woman. Pan spends hours staying beautiful, loves her life and adores her friends provided they fit in with her lifestyle. Pan is in demands on the social scene, she loves the spotlight and she is looking for her next husband…that is until she meets the man Lyme intends to marry …

Three woman, three very different lives; each one isolated and alone. Each is seeking something … but none of them know – what?

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