Hagar’s Curse

Genre:  fantasy murder mystery. Pages: 145 words: 52,542


Rosie Hagar was a young girl whose spirit refused to die. After witnessing the brutal rape of her beloved sister, Lizzie. Cecil Plummage, Lizzie’s rapist, was enraged to catch Rosie spying on him and ensured Rosie a savage and untimely death at his hands.

Prior to Rosie’s death she spent many hours in the company of the village witches, Martha and Michaelina Kinslip. Rosie often listened and heard things she shouldn’t. One of the things she learned was the existence of a curse. Hagar’s Curse dated back centuries and belonged only to the Hagar family.

The witches wanted to banish the curse forever, knowing it allowed evil to enter the realm of the living, but it refused to be banished and their efforts to keep the village safe, appeared futile.  Rosie overheard the curse and memorized every word. On that fateful night of her brutal death she recites the ancient curse as she breathes her last breath.

Rosie remains frozen, suspended between life and death, lost in time until the thirteenth hour of the thirteenth day, on thirteenth year, when time melts away and the ancient curse lives again. It brings about the many horrifying things Rosie wished for so many years ago. And suddenly the sleepy woods surrounding the village of Wellstead, become a terrifying place. By the light of the full moon Cecil turns into to a hideous werewolf; hungry for blood and frightened of his own shadow, he prowls while evil silently chases him to hell.

Martha Kinslip is the only one who knows the ancient incantation that will undo the centuries old curse. She alone can save the villagers from the strange goings on and creeping death. Can she execute a spell to destroy the werewolf who has entered through the realms of darkness on the thirteenth night of the full moon? Will Rosie Hagar finally be released into the afterlife from her frozen grave?