Dahlia’s Choice

Genre: Fiction Romantic Adventure 45,000 words


Dahlia Monet is a famous movie star. Talented, stunningly beautiful and highly intelligent; she is every man’s fantasy and every woman’s worse nightmare.  She is a woman who has it all and enjoys every minute of the life she has created.

However, a chance meeting at a cocktail party has Dahlia questioning her life, her values and what she feels is really important. With only a few words exchanged between them, and not pleasant ones at that, Dahlia’s life is thrown into turmoil. She knows immediately that Dixon Carter is the man she wants to marry – but what if he doesn’t know? This is a thought almost inconceivable to a woman who always gets what she wants.

The handsome charismatic Dixon Carter is a well respected self made multi-millionaire. He has come from nothing and has achieved everything he could wish for in his business life. However, being born on the wrong side of the tracks leaves him wanting more. He craves the prestige and social acceptance he has been denied. Marrying a woman with the right social standing, breeding and connections is the very last thing he needs to make his life complete. In the beautiful and aristocratic Penelope Penn-Jensen, Dixon finds the missing link and in her he sees the answer to his dreams. With just months until their wedding, Dixon Carter is a happy man with everything going his way. Then, a chance encounter with the ravishingly beautiful Dahlia Monet has his palms sweating and his heart racing. Dixon has no idea just why he reacted this way. He finds it perplexing and disturbing but knows he is strong enough to fight his feelings.

Penelope Penn-Jensen is a woman who is not who she appears. Outwardly refined, poised, controlled and cool Penelope follows all the rules of social etiquette. However, behind closed doors her personality is far different from the persona she shows the world. Self centered, nasty, mean, self absorbed and revengeful, Penelope is not a woman to mess with. She is using Dixon because at 34 she knows it is time to get married. Her family approve, finally, and all is set for the upcoming wedding. It will be a grand affair, the social occasion of the year and Penelope will be the center of attention. Once married, she plans many changes, Dixon’s demands will cease and he will soon learn it is her way or no way.  Penelope has made few friends in her lifetime but many enemies.

One such enemy is young Robin Lythgo, the housekeeper’s daughter and Penelope’s brother’s love child. On many occasions Robin has received the sharp end of Penelope’s tongue. Robin, like Penelope, has the Penn-Jensen genes and to Robin, revenge is sweet. She is determined that her Mother and herself shall have a better life. Robin watches and waits.  For many months she has been secretly taping all of Penelope’s conversations inside her bedroom. This is where the older woman lets her guard down and rants about everyone and everything, no one is off limits. Finally with the wedding approaching Penelope has given her more than enough gossip to sell to the press. Robin wants to be fair and decides, first to try to sell her tapes to Dixon Carter, allowing him the opportunity to save face for both himself and his beloved Penelope.   But as Robin is about to put her plan into action there is a terrible boating accident and Dixon is taken to hospital. Robin still sees this as an opportunity, so imagine her surprise when she arrives at Dixon’s bedside and comes face to face with none other than the famous and beautiful Dahlia Monet. It is a life changing moment for them both.

A young girl – with blackmail on her mind, two strong determined woman in love with the same man. Two weddings are being planned – but there is only one groom and there can only be one happy ending. The ending is Dahlia’s choice.