A Rumble in the Attic

Genre: Fiction Suspense Thriller, 90,000 words


Rumble, is an ordinary forty nine year old man living in the attic of a derelict house, located somewhere in West Sussex, England. He is a one-dimensional character molded by childhood violence from a cruel and angry mother. She hated men, including him. Rumble grows up, wary and fearful, avoiding others and believing he is not worthy; he has no self-esteem and little confidence. Obsessive compulsive, neurotic and perhaps slightly eccentric, his only friends are  the voices in his head.

Edwards, his troubled and unusual landlord, tells him he is not alone; there are many other tenants sharing the house. But Rumble knows where footsteps don’t show, people don’t go. As a tenant Rumble questions the things he is told and the many rules imposed on him by Edwards. Soon he learns Edwards comes from a long line of crazy scientists who try and capture everlasting life at the expense of others. Finally, at the urging of his boss Cootes, and upon overcoming his fear of people, Rumble explores the house. Behind each locked door lurks horror’s of death, terrors he is unable to grasp or comprehend. Gradually, he discovers the shocking truth about the other tenants who, remain in their rooms, quiet and unnoticed, they remain quiet because they are dead. Rumble now lives in fear, scared of his own shadow and every bump and noise the silent house makes.

Until one day, Rumble is reluctantly dragged from the life he knows and, at the request of a client; sent to an old Scottish Castle. During his time there his perceptions slowly undergo a change, his horizons broaden and for the first time in his life he begins to feel worthy. However, on his return journey he learns the old house and Edwards again have a terrifying pull on his life and values.

This story explores Rumble’s, neuroses, thinking and assumptions as he navigates the house belonging to Edwards, who may or may not be of this world?


‘A Rumble in the Attic is ingeniously insightful and psychologically astute. This fast-paced and evocative supernatural thriller follows the dynamic and intriguing protagonist – Rumble – as he navigates an intense and intense and engaging plot.’