The Hedge Cat

Genre: Fiction Animal adventure Juvenile ages 6 – 12


Dogs and cats is a two story series. A definite must read for anyone who genuinely loves dogs or cats.

Ditto, is a true freedom loving, stray dog, with many friends and even more adventures?  Giggles, a fluffy white house cat lives happily in a cottage with Suzy and her parents. She loves everything about her life except for Paisley the canary. However, beautiful blue butterflies can captivate to any pussycat and they lead her far away from all she loves and into another world.

Dogs and Cats, teaches family values as realistic children’s fiction at its best!

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Awards: ‘Star Reader’ and ‘Editors Choice’

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The Hedge Cat, takes you into the warm cosy cottage and happy family with Giggles, it is all she has ever known. Until one day, a beautiful blue butterfly leads her away from her secure life and into the adventures of another word. The world of dark hedges and wild animals, some are kind while many are not.

Giggles never doubts Suzy, her owners, love and knows she is searching for her. Until just in the nick of time, Giggles, whose coat was once white but is now a pale green; is being hotly pursued by not only a crazy wild tomcat but also a large black dog, when Suzy rescues her. With her beautiful white coat matted and dirty and smelling badly of the skunk she has just sat on, Giggles is welcomed home to the family she loves. She returns, with a newfound appreciation for the many things she once took for granted and that even includes Paisley, the canary, and the one thing she always despised.

Back where she’s pampered and adored, Giggles knows she will never again be silly enough to chase beautiful blue butterflies over the garden wall, as everything she really needs is inside the cottage with the ones she loves.