The Ditch Dog

Genre: Animal adventure Juvenile ages 6 – 12


Dogs and cats is a two story series. A definite must read for anyone who genuinely loves dogs or cats.

Ditto, is a true freedom loving, stray dog, with many friends and even more adventures?  Giggles, a fluffy white house cat lives happily in a cottage with Suzy and her parents. She loves everything about her life except for Paisley the canary. However, beautiful blue butterflies can captivate to any pussycat and they lead her far away from all she loves and into another world.

Dogs and Cats, teaches family values as realistic children’s fiction at its best!

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The Ditch Dog is a true dog lover’s story.

It is children’s fiction at its best introducing the young reader to Ditto, a scruffy Ditch dog. You will also meet his many fury animal friends and the different breeds of doggy friends. All the dogs showcase their unique quirky personalities and individual beliefs.

Abandoned as a puppy, Ditto meets many caring and kind-hearted dogs and their owners. Often, they fall in love with Ditto and want to take him home for their very own. Long cold winters and lonely nights never dampen Ditto’s pride and love of freedom and the life he has chosen. Until, Miss Pooh meets with an unfortunate accident and his favourite friends fall into sadness.

However, this is still not enough to convince Ditto he needs love and a home of his own. Until finally, a narrow escape with the dog-catcher brings him head long into reality as he quickly revaluates his life. Only then does he realised having a family who needs and loves him are the only things which can make him into a real and complete dog.