Fairy Petals Book 1 – Adorable

Genre: Fiction Fairy adventure Children – under 10 years
4 book series, word count under 11,000 words per book


Fairy Petals takes you into the enchanting world of the tiniest fairies of all. Four sisters, Adorable, Sparkle, Pretty and Cutie. Each story tells of their individual adventure leading up to the wedding of Pretty, the third sister.

Most everything is bigger than they are, as they stand just one inch tall. They live in a cherry tree and fly around inside a cherry blossom petal. They are full of sunshine and happiness and each sister must prove everyday day she can do a good deed for someone. The sisters are loved by all, but no one loves them more than their siblings and parents.

Book one – takes you on an adventure with Adorable, the red headed oldest sister as she embarks on a quest to locate Cupid. Her journey is fraught with dangers, from butterflies, bees and all manner of small insects. However, the ladybirds come to her rescue and give her directions to where they think Cupid maybe hiding.

However, on the way Adorable sees a tiny rainbow fairy tied up and an angry elf dancing around her and chanting. He threatens to take her colour if she doesn’t take him to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Adorable has to do something. And small as she is, she does have some powers of her own. Fearlessly, she swoops down over the nasty elf, sprinkles him with fairy dust and frees the rainbow fairy. Then it’s on to find cupid who is being held prisoner by the butterflies. Cupid is in a bad way and Adorable knows she must again perform a rescue. She assumes that once Cupid is rescued he will be grateful enough to visit the fairies of Cherry Tree Tumble on Valentine’s day. Fearlessly, Adorable manages to save Cupid from the horrid butterflies, but unlike the beautiful rainbow fairy who she rescued earlier, Cupid doesn’t appear grateful at all and, instead Adorable must talk the reluctant Cupid into using his fairy dust to make a love match this Valentine’s day.