Fairy Petals Book 3 – Twinkle

Genre: Fiction Fairy adventure Children – under 10 years
4 book series, word count under 11,000 words per book


Adorable is the eldest fairy in the family; she has long auburn hair and lively hazel eyes. Adorable thinks she is not nearly as attractive as her sisters so she tries extra hard to use her fairy dust for good deeds to ensure everyone likes her, and they do. Her younger sister is called Sparkle. She has long golden curls and bright blue eyes. Sparkle is always thinking of others and, like her name, she really does sparkle from within. Although Adorable often thinks Sparkle bubbles with mischief, and is always looking for a new adventure; she often gets herself into trouble, even if she has the best of intentions.

Then there is Twinkle with her curly black hair and violet eyes. Twinkle is blessed with the singing voice of an angel and like her other sisters a happy loving personality. The baby of the family is Cutie; she has blond curly hair and green eyes. Cutie definitely lives up to her name she is totally cute.

Adorable’s parents, Handsome and Beautiful are proud of their daughters and the kind and loving girls they are becoming. They are encouraged to do good deeds and always think of others before themselves. Beautiful and Handsome know the fairies of Cherry Tree Tumble are the nicest, kindest fairies in all the land.  Cherry Tree Tumble is where the four gorgeous fairy sisters live. Fairy Petals takes you into the life of each of the sisters. These four stories will make you feel as though your part of the tiny fairies lives.