A Rosebud in December

Genre: Fiction – 74 Pages,      16,637 words


A Rosebud in December is a unique story which follows the paths of two very different journeys. Firstly, identical twins Lillibud and Rosemary who were bought up dirt poor in a trailer park; both are amazing and courageous young woman, their lives are about survival. So together they share their unique and unusual skills by moulding together and becoming on person. Once they know what they must do they are simply known as Rosebud.  The girls share everything, including their poverty, beatings, studies and finally marriage into a life of privilege and wealth. When two worlds collide and Hudson Black meets Rosebud he is in the twilight of his life. Share with them the story unfolds as it illustrates their blending in a dynamic and unexpected manner. A Rosebud in December is a bittersweet love story in which its unique concept will keep the readers interest while wanting more.