Mystery at Misatale Manor

Genre: Fiction Humorous Animal  Journey Juvenile ages 6 – 12


Mystery at Misatale Manor easily carries the young reader to another place and time. Where foxes rule; where the smallest of rodents appears also the cleverest.

The servants however, are human and work for the mangiest fox of all, Lord Whimplesnout Thumblevink. A fox he may be, but a fox with a rather bad attitude. His temperament is nothing short of irritable, obnoxious, extremely rude, and on some occasions down right cruel.

Every good Manor boast’s a resident rodent, and at Misatale Manor, Tweed and his delightful family are the fortunate ones. Tweed is like no other rodent being a mixture of both opossum and rat; this rare crossbreed is called a paddle. Highly intelligent and extraordinarily cute, he would indeed win over anyone’s heart.

However, his delightfully feminine and loving wife Mousely manages to share her kind heart and caring disposition with all who know her. Skimble, their daughter is the one who not only inherited Tweed’s intelligence but is exceptionally beautiful and knows just how to use her charms.

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