The Apple

Genre: Fiction Novella Family Saga 56 pages 18,625 words


The Apple follows the life and times of Hero Gustolette, her failed engagement to Chunky and his unfair and disgraced dismissal. The precise business of apple growing and the race to retain the coveted position at the top of the marketplace, is a cut throat one and many fortunes and lives have changed when apples are involved. When an Australian manager is employed to take over Chunky’s work load, tension erupts and somehow mango farming in Bowen, Australia becomes the centre of a heated discussion – between Bertie Gustolette and his new man, suddenly it really is mangoes verses apples.  Gustolette Apples is to the small town their bread and butter as Cruzin Trees is the mainstay of the town where Milo Cruzin lives. When Milo meets Hero two lives are finally set to become one, but things change when the prize apple is mentioned and again Hero’sr engagement is called off. Many circumstances change over the course of the years until finally Milo and Hero manage to get back together and live happily ever after. The characters in this story are strong and memorable as is the look we take into the life of its main character Hero Gustolette of Gustolette apples. Who would have known that eating just one apple could change the course of so many lives!


“So, you see, life is not necessarily about apples and oranges after all, but sometimes about apples, alone. So when the going gets tough just remember, never underestimate the power of just one apple… Many small things we take “So you see, life is not necessarily about apples and oranges after all, but sometimes about apples, alone. So when the going gets tough just remember, never underestimate the power of just one apple… Many small things we take for granted today can change the course of our destiny tomorrow. It only takes a single bite! From just one apple seed, tomorrow’s future grows.”

That is one of the note-worthy lines that the book made clear. It is a great thing to ponder on. It entails how everything could change in an instant. This book as a whole elated me. It made me realize a whole lot of stuff. And at some point, I felt euphoric for having realized so many things via this book.

A must-read! If there is one significant lesson I learned after reading this book, it is that friendships are fragile. It could break any time, even with the littlest shock.

Hero Gustolette and her best friend, Pamela Lee, had quite a one-of-a-kind friendship. They have always found refuge in each other, and have always been there for each other. However, that friendship unfortunately ended due to the fact that Pamela has lived in with Hero’s ex-fiancé, Chubby. It was devastating for Hero, but it was the hard truth she had to accept.

There is so much more to this book, and I suggest you see for yourself what I meant by “more”. I am certain that you will be amazed by this book. It is a masterpiece, after all.

BOOK REVIEW  – ‘The Apple”

This book is everything that I have been looking for. It has so much depth in it, and it is evident that the author gave so much thought to the plot, characters, and writing. I am mind-blown by how it drew me in from the get-go.

The build-up of the story was subtle, and the turn of events was so satisfying that it sent shivers down my spine. I gotta mention how exquisite the narration of the story is. It was not so hard to read, and by “read” I meant “understand.” That is something that makes the book unique.

Certainly one of the best books I have read! Books like this are my cup of tea, and I would definitely recommend this to everyone! This book by Mary Barr is such a satisfying read with a lot of unexpected turns of events that will blow your mind.

 Review – ‘The Apple’

The thought of marrying someone who subconsciously brought about the downfall of your previous relationship is hard to put down, and somehow devastating. That part of the story had my jaw dropped and my mind blown for a minute.

The plot of The Apple was really something. It was well-thought-of, and just mind-boggling. I loved it, and a five-star rating is nowhere near enough to accurately assess how mesmerized I was when I read the book. I would gladly read it over and over again.

The Apple will certainly be added to my favorite books of all time. A must-read for everybody!

 Book Review – ‘The Apple’

As various dimensions of the story were unfolding, it got better and better.

I saw through the frustration of Chubby Lockwood when he was accused of something he did not do. It then cost him his job, and later on, his relationship with his fiancé, Hero. He got banished from the town. His situation could not get any worse than the current one. It was as though the universe had gone against him.

He had no other choice but to follow the verdict. It must have been hard for him but later on, it was evident that he got through such a predicament in no time.

Overall, the book was great. It was enjoyable and, at the same time, tantalizing. Highly recommended!

‘The Apple’ Review

What Barr gives you in this book is downright priceless.

The message that really got through me, and reached my core, is that I am capable of moving forward. Moving forward is not an easy thing to do. It takes time, but I will be able to move forward. Just as long as I do not stress too much about the past, I will be able to let go and get on with my life.

The author made that clear via the character of Hero, and how her story turned out. I am massively grateful to Mary Barr for writing such an eye-opening book. The lessons within it are waiting for you to discover them.

I highly recommend this splendidly written book. A must-read for everyone!

 Book Review = ‘The Apple’  by Mary Barr

If you fancy books that are easy to read and influential, The Apple is the perfect book for you. You will definitely fall in love with it.

The turn of events in this novella is downright fascinating. The characters are well-developed. The writing displays sophistication and exquisiteness.

One more thing that makes this book all the more endearing, other than the technicalities, is its engaging plot that upholds significant lessons. Everything about it is just absolutely realistic. I could not help but feel euphoric every time this book demystified the doubts I have in life. This is certainly the book that I really like reading, and I undeniably would say that this is a masterpiece!

This book is heaven-sent! Cheers!

Review –‘The Apple’

This is the first of Mary Barr’s books that I have read, but this is definitely not the last one. I loved the way she wrote this book. It was sophisticated, and one could see the richness of her work. I was captivated!

I have been seeking books that will enlighten me about the cruelty of life, and make me accept the hard truths that I haven’t been able to accept all this time. And I’d gladly say that this is one of those books.

Barr wrote a page-turner that would make the reader want to keep going and read the book until the end.

I am really impressed by this book. Definitely a must-read for someone who fancies books with significant lessons about life.