Knock knock

Genre: Children’s ages 1 -5


When his own 10 – year son wants a dog, a young farmer wrestles with the loss of his own dog. The memory of his beloved Dickie, is again vibrant in his mind as he relives the good times and heartbreak of his boyhood with his best friend and constant companion.  Only now he begins to understand how his childish perceptions were distorted and probably wrong. Thinking back, he slowly realises the bigger picture and the horror of what lead up to loss of his beloved dog. Now he knows his parent’s loss was much greater.

As a child he was too young to understand and to inexperienced in life to see what really happened that fateful night. All he knew was a deep and agonizing loss of the only animal he had ever loved, his own Dickie.

Now he asks himself the question – ‘will he get his own son a puppy and risk giving him heartache and loss, also’?