Art Studio

As an Artist, Mary Barr creates beautiful and unique pieces.



Mary Barr’s wax art is about moulding the colours of wax onto several different mediums, such as silk, canvas, linen etc. Each medium creates a different result.

The vibrancy and texture come’s together once the wax is almost at boiling point, fluorescence’s and other colour powders are occasionally added at this stage.

Should the wax be over heated it will turn grey and cannot be used.

Most pieces of wax art come in a set of two three and four, each artwork is created at the same time as the colours and textures can never be repeated. Most pieces are small in size unless a commission has been requested.

Mary Barr loves having the ability to capture colour and flow onto the canvas a thing of beauty that will come alive and change as the light reflects off it and different layers become visible. Wax art is about vibrancy of colour, shine and layers to create something inspiring for the eye.

Each piece is as unique and individual as the person who purchases and enjoys it.

Love colour, love depth and intrigue, love wax art in its glorious entirety!