Life Happens

A collection of Novellas and Short Stories


The Apple:  From just one apple comes so much heartache and pain. Follow the sorrow and happiness of Hero Gustolette and her life managing Gustolette Apples one of the largest apple orchards’ in the world.

The Oyster Tapper:  Soames and Pedro are life long friends. They make their fortune using Soame’s unique ability to know which oysters conceal a pearl. However, upon the death of Pedro’s beloved father the astounding truth of their birth is revealed.

The Publisher:  Joe Smelt lives every parent’s worse nightmare when his children are kidnapped from school and camp. Like most parents he trusts in the system, but when it fails he alone must find the strength to endure a journey of discovery before he can rescue the ones he loves.

For the Love of Dickie:  A young farmer wrestles with the loss of his dog. The memory of his beloved Dickie, is again vibrant in his mind as he relives the good times and heartbreak of his childhood best friend and constant companion.           Will he get his own son a puppy and risk giving him heartache also?